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Date :2017-01-03

“My gifted child and my other child” in the program of “I am talent”


King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba) celebrated many events on Saturday 31st Dec. 2016 as part of its “I am talent” program undergoing workshops and showcasing the experience of the gifted student Ghaliya Mugem who won the first place in the physics Olympiad 2015. The student’s mother participated in the event and talked about how they identified the talent of their child and how they nurtured her talent, monitoring homework of her school lessons and allowing her to participate in the programs of Mawhiba. That was followed by an awareness lecture delivered by Dr. Sara Alabdul Kareem titled: “My gifted child and my other child”. The lecture was followed by lots of comments and inquiries from the attendants around the lecture topics including not to discriminate between offspring on the basis of differences in capabilities, treat them equally and direct the gifted child not to debase his/her brothers and sisters.

The event was attended by 118 guardians participating in showcasing and lectures, among the attendants was 67 gifted female students from elementary schools taking part in 7 interactive workshops, from “funny labs” where students learnt how to safely apply some chemical reactions at home, to the “sustainable energy” workshop teaching the gifted students how to have thoughts about solar energy and sustainable energy and how to use them, how they work and in what fields. The gifted students then moved to the world of technology through “Cyber security” workshop explaining the concept of coding and how to protect information on the internet in an interactive and funny way.The workshop was concluded with a pilot simulator and taking photos on the pilot seat presented by BAE Systems.

It is worth noting that the program of “I am talent” aims to provide elementary school students with scientific concepts through interactive workshops accompanied by awareness program for guardians showing creative and inspiring cases presented by Mawhiba in collaboration with BAE Systems as part of company’s social responsibility, an initiative reflecting the positive meaning of private sector’s contributions to the community as part of their belief in the importance of human capital, nurturing of national gifted and dissemination of talent culture, in addition to the significance of effecting partnerships between different sectors to serve the nation.