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Date :2018-03-12

27 Saudi Gifted Students Win 27 Awards

Prince of Riyadh Honors Winners of Olympiad (Ibdaa 2018)


Prince of Riyadh has awarded the male and female students who won the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity (Ibdaa 2018) in the closing ceremony with the presence of Ministry of Education Dr. Saud Bin Saeed Al-Mathami and Secretary-General of King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba” and high officials from Ministry of Education and “Mawhiba” as well as the parents of male and female students.

Prince of Riyadh granted 27 awards for 27 male and female students when these gifted students have won Olympiads awards that is annually organized by “Mawhiba” in partnership with Ministry of Education where 102 scientific projects competed presented by 48 male students and 54 female students in 22 diverse scientific fields. Prince Faisal Bin Bandar has also honored donors for their special awards as well as sponsors where the local and international partners of “Mawhiba” granted 48 awards to the winning students. 

Prince of Riyadh expressed his happiness for attending the closing ceremony of “Ibdaa 2018” and honoring the creative sons of the country. Prince of Faisal Bin Bandar said: “today is the day where every innovation is reflected on our sons and daughters participating in international contests until they reached this level of innovation and distinction and I wish them all the best and may Allah protect our wise leadership to always keep track forward”. Prince of Riyadh added: “I would like to thank the Minister of Education Dr. Ahmed Al-Essa and Secretary-General of King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba” and I wish them all the best because they keep presenting the talents of our country and I also wish all the success and luck to our sons”. 

On the other hand, Minister of Education Dr. Ahmed Bin Mohamed Al-Essa said on the occasion of honoring winning male and female students in innovation Olympiads:” we meet again in one of innovation meetings in our country which recognizes the significance of building and preparing the individual and striving for that in every possible effort, and it is confirmed by their leaders that any real developmental movement has to be based mainly on the individual who represents the value, possesses the knowledge and masters the skill and confirms that quality education is our tool to this fast world  that faces lots of social changes and several political, cultural and economic challenges. For this purpose, then, the provisions for education, training and man power in the general budget is the highest”.

Dr. Al-Essa added “the country, starting from the leader of the march the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques king Salman Bin Abdulaziz and His Crown Prince, care for, support and encourage their gifted sons and daughters. This is an extension of a national approach pursued by the Kingdom since the Founder’s era giving much attention to proliferation of knowledge, nurturing the distinguished students, scholars and leaders in order to support them in every possible way. The Minister of Education assured that the announcement of Saudi Vision 2030 is harmonized with and supporting to the education message and progress to build an educated generation able to be responsible and make decisions in the future, and this message has come clear by providing education opportunities to everyone in a suitable educational environment in the light of the Kingdom education policy and also raise the output quality as well as increasing the effectiveness of the scientific research to encourage creativity and innovation. Dr. Al-Essa has demanded parents, teachers, and education leaders to stimulate the minds of students and free the latent energy and the cultural status of the Kingdom and the importance of raising its name and flag high in all fields and areas by creativity and hearts that are filled with the love of Allah and then the love of the country and its leaders and the honor to serve it.

The Minister of Education emphasized the honesty and responsibility for the country that motivate everyone to renew the covenant in order to make every possible effort to rise up to the educational tasks and the openness on this era and its developmental needs and benefit from what is achieved as an improvement and know that the distinct partnership between the foundation of “Mawhiba” for helping gifted males and females resembles  the good efforts of the country rising up with the community of creativity and innovation in this valuable country and support its economic knowledge and provide the stimulating environment to creativity.  This partnership has reached advanced stages and that is what national Olympiads for scientific creativity “Ibdaa 2018” reflects which is organized by the Ministry and “Mawhiba” every year, featuring an elite of this country’s sons and that presents distinct and creative projects reflecting the country’s wealth of human capital and the capability of its sons to succeed and excel. 

The Minister directed his speech to male and female students assuring that all the greats and those with great achievements have started from projects just like what you have started with, and they concentrate on their goals and work on them even in their imaginations and dreams, so you need to focus on your goals in your own way and be sincerely determined to achieve your goal. The minister has concluded his word in the closing ceremony for creativity Olympiads by thanking the participants in “Ibdaa 2018’ and those who are in charge including organizers, teachers, coaches and judges wishing everyone more success and innovation to raise our country’s prosperity.

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba” Dr. Saud Bin Saeed Al- Mathami congratulated the winning male and female students of the country for the results they attained and praise them on their coaches’ efforts and what “Mawhiba” has done in partnership with the Ministry of Education and what parents of those students have done. His Excellency general- secretary stressed that taking care of the gifted students lies in the confidence in the sons of the country as the pillars of prosperity and growth and pioneers of Saudi Vision 2030 which is expected to transform the economy as a whole.

 His Excellency Secretary-General added: “ we in Mawhiba are not going to spare an effort to promote the potentials of our sons and rank them higher inside our country and outside, and as our role in Mawhiba as a national leading foundation in sponsoring our Saudi gifted sons who are innovative and creative, and with our good leadership starting from his highness and the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, we move towards the needs of the Saudi Vision 2030 to reach the knowledge economy, creativity and innovation where keeping pace with the prospective is attained only by those who are eager to develop their potentials and the potentials of their sons.

 Dr. Al-Mathami continued “ we support our gifted sons and daughters towards development, growth and knowledge and we also support them in “Mawhiba” with the message of    King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba”  and its leadership of nurturing gifted and creative students with our partners to reach the highest scientific degrees and support them and foaster their skills by consistent training to reach out to the international universities that prepare them to get the highest certificates so they will be able to benefit our country in their majors.

The Secretary-General of  King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba” Dr. Saud Bin Saeed AL-Mathami called male and female students to focus on their goals in their way and be sincerely determined to achieve the goal and also congratulated the winning male and female students in “Ibdaa 2018” and their schools and teachers, and greeted  their supporting and motivating families assuring that everyone is a winner and the biggest winner is the country that is happy for their success and creativity and also thanked and appreciated all the participants in Olympiads “Ibdaa 2018” that include organizers, officials, teachers, coaches and judges wishing all of them more success and creativity for the welfare of the homeland Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On this occasion, His Excellency Secretary-General has raised his thanks to King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba” and his appreciation to Prince of Riyadh on sponsoring the final exhibition and the great honor of the presence of his highness to the Olympiads closing ceremony to award the winners and sponsors.