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Date :2018-04-15

The Kingdom Won Silver and Bronze Medals at EGMO

The Saudi Gifted Achieve the 22nd Place Outstripping Students from European Countries


The female gifted of the country won silver and bronze medals at the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) held in Florence, Italy from (23 to 29 Rajab 1439H) corresponding  to (9th to 15th of April), with participation of 195 female students  from 51 countries. The Saudi female students achieved the 22nd place.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated in the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) represented by King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity and the Ministry of Education. The kingdom competed over the awards and medals of EGMO with a team of 4 female students in this year competition.

The number of participating countries reached 51 countries (36 European countries and 15 from outside Europe), while the number of female students reached 195 students (137 from Europe and 58 from outside Europe).

The Kingdom team included: the student Rinad Yahya Abo Al-Gamal from Dar Al Fikr Schools in Jeddah, and the student Jood Tawfig Saleh from “Yanbu Industrial College”, and the student Thana’a Khalid Al-Haydari from “Second Secondary School in Yanbu”, and the student Ghadir Mohammed Daghistani from “Dar Al Rowad Typical Schools for Girls” in Jeddah.

The two female students Jood Tawfig Saleh and Thana’a Khalid Al-Haydari have won two silver medals, while Rinad Yahya Abo Al-Gamal won the bronze medal.

European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad is considered the biggest annual competition for girls worldwide that most countries participate in, plus other countries from outside Europe such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, and India. Italy is organizing the ninth edition of the competition in Florence.

His Excellency Dr. Saud bin Saeed Al-Muthami Secretary General of “Mawhiba” affirmed that this achievement is a new culmination of our homeland which was fulfilled by our gifted daughters. The talents of the Kingdom outstripped countries with excellence and old history in mathematics like Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Spain where our girls ranked 22nd among 51 countries in the Olympiad, pointing out that this result is a new achievement for the Kingdom in this great carnival of science.

“This achievement would not have been possible without the support of our wise leadership, first and foremost the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Addulaziz, and His Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their care to the gifted, where the Crown Prince in his last statement put forward an ambitious vision that education in Saudi Arabia will be at the level of the first 20 to 30 countries in the world, and this achievement comes in the context of fulfilling this great vision" Dr. Al-Muthami said.

His Excellency Dr. Al-Muthami pointed out that what has been achieved is a step of many steps for the sons and daughters of the nation towards the podiums and raising the name of the homeland, the torch of building and excellence in accordance with the requirements of our future vision 2030 that encourages our sons and daughters on creativity and innovation as well as building a bright future for our precious Kingdom.

The Secretary General said that the team participated in many intensive training programs in order to develop their scientific skills, pointing out that the nomination of students to participate in the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad was based on the results achieved in the training sessions held by "Mawhiba" at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology "Kaust," pointing out that this participation is one of the trial participations of the Kingdom on the way to prepare for participating in the International Olympiad of Mathematics 2018.

The Kingdom participated in this competition in 2012 in the UK with a team of 3 students, who won the bronze medal.

In 2014, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated with a team of 4 students in Turkey, and no achievement was realized during that year.

In the year 2015, the Kingdom participated in the State of Belarus with a team of four female students who, during this participation, won a bronze medal and two certificates of appreciation.

In 2016 in the State of Romania, the Kingdom’s team participating in the competition won gold medal and two bronze medals among 39 countries participating in the competition.

In the last year 2017, the Saudi team of female students in this competition, consisting of 4 students, won a gold medal, a silver medal, a bronze medal and a certificate of appreciation. These achievements are the highest for the Kingdom team participating in this competition since the competition launching in 2012.