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Date :2018-05-15

Memorandum of Understanding between Mawhiba and Ma'aden to Support Gifted Students


King Abdulaziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba” and Saudi Arabian Mining Company "Ma'aden" singed on Tuesday 1st Shaban 1439H corresponding to 17th April 2018 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support the gifted and creative students in different programs of Mawhiba's initiatives.

Mawhiba was represented in the signing of the MoU by His Excellency Secretary General Dr. Saud Bin Saeed Al-Mutahami, and Ma'aden was represented by Eng. Khalid bin Saleh Al-Mudaifer President and CEO.

The MoU aims to cooperation and raising awareness of talent and identification of the gifted, and to boast the scientific achievements and life skills through class and out-of-class programs to gifted students, in addition to preparation and training of gifted students and qualifying them to participate in scientific, technological and research competitions at the local and international levels, and to make them acquainted with geology and physics and other sciences. Moreover, the gifted students, through a shared support, will be qualified and directed to be enrolled in the most prestigious universities, with incubation of their creative ideas and innovations and qualifying them to work.

His Excellency Secretary General of Mawhiba Dr. Saud Bin Saeed Al-Mutahami explained that the collaboration between Mawhiba and Ma'aden is based on one of the programs of the Saudi Vision 2030 (strengthening national identity) where Mawhiba is a non-profit organization, pioneer in identification and nurturing of the gifted at the level of the Kingdom, aiming to implement the strategy and plan of talent, creativity and innovation. Seeking fruitful and constructive cooperation between Mawhiba and Ma'aden, the pioneer company in the field of mining, to support the framework of mutual understanding and enhance the relations between them.

Dr. Al-Mutahami added that, this MoU comes in support of the objectives of the two parties, Mawhiba and Ma'aden, to cooperate in nurturing talent, creativity  and excellence, ensuring that the collaboration of the two parities features the efforts of Mawhiba to nurture the gifted and foster their skills in cooperation with their partner national organizations to keep in alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030 in preparing a pool of innovators who lead the prospective growth of the Kingdom.

On his part,  Eng. Khalid bin Saleh Al-Mudaifer President and CEO of Ma'aden ensured that partnership with Mawhiba comes in line with the sustaining and development programs offered by companies to communities in the nearby. At the top of these are the training, qualifying and educational programs, ensuring that the support of the growth movement and training and qualification of Saudi young is of great importance in the company's plans and strategies of partnership with community signifying its social responsibility and boosting sustainable growth through constructive partnerships with concerned organizations.

Ma'aden is having a rich record of qualitative societal initiatives, particularly in the education and qualification of Saudi youth to enhance their potentials and individual capacities and providing them with modern skills. Along this line, the company launched its initiative to support the establishment of scientific excellence secondary schools in the cities of Arar and Tiraif attracting 200 new students each year, 100 students in each city. Ma'aden also contributed to the establishment of the Saudi Mining Polytechnic in Arar to qualify Saudi youth to lead the mining sector. the Polytechnic, till 2018, graduated more than 500 specialist technicians in mining from the local people.