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Date :2018-11-18

Mawhiba Inaugurated the Basic Training Courses on Olympiad Sciences.

​​30oct-01.jpgThe number of students enrolled in the first stage of the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity "Ibdaa 2019" reached (84418) male and female students in the intermediate and secondary stages reached an increase of 11% compared to last year.

The number of registered students reached 43410 students by 51%, while the number of female students was 41008 students by 49%, representing 46 educational departments and 6663 schools in the Kingdom.​

The first registration stage in Olympiad "Ibdaa 2019", organized by the King Abdulaziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity "Mawhiba" in partnership with the Ministry of Education, continued for about 4 months, which began on 25 June to 6 October through the competition which provides visitors with extensive information about the competition and its objectives.

"Mawhiba" Foundation opened the registration for the second stage of the 2019 Ibdaa Olympiad, which will last until November 7th, and urges all students enrolled in the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity "Ibdaa 2019" to complete the registration for this stage that includes the project information such as writing the summary and the project plan, followed by the third stage of the project's electronic arbitration, which runs from November 8 to December 5, 2018, then the fourth stage of the final tournament.

The projects submitted to participate in (Ibdaa 2019) are required to be a scientific project in one of 22 fields, ranging from integrated systems and software systems, robotics and smart devices, mathematics, chemical energy, biomedicine, health sciences, social and behavioral sciences, physics, astronomy, chemistry, environmental and mechanical engineering, cellular, molecular and microbiology, animal science, materials, soil and environment and plant.

Ibdaa Olympiad qualifies the male and female winners to the finals to represent the Kingdom at several international and regional exhibitions and competitions.