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Date :2020-09-13

Mawhiba Students Win Six International Awards in Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad 2020

The Kingdom reaped the third place in the world with one gold, four silver, and one bronze medals.

Six Saudi students from the King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba), in partnership with the Ministry of Education, achieved an unprecedented achievement in the Balkan Junior Mathematics Olympiad 2020, which was virtually carried out this year due to the Corona pandemic, with all members of the Saudi team winning 6 medals, (one gold, four silver, and one bronze medals). The Saudi team achieved third place at the level of 18 countries, many of which are advanced in the field of mathematics, such as France.

As for the results of this distinguished competition for Saudi education students who undergo Mawhiba programs and training, student Mahdi Saleh Mahdi Al-Baik from the Eastern Education Department won the gold medal, while the silver medal was won by Hamza Ibrahim Oqili Al-Sheikhi from the Makkah Education Department, Muhammad Hussein Jassim Al-Dibisi, and Student Ali Abdullah Radi Al-Ramadan from the Eastern Education Department, and Abdul Rahman Thamer Abdul Rahman Nassif from the Madinah Education Department, while student Hadi Alaa Hassan Al-Eithan from the Al-Ahsa Education Department won the bronze medal.

The students participating in the competition were selected after a series of rigorous tests that Mawhiba held during the intensive training period that it holds for all participating students, as the team members participating in this competition underwent intensive training that lasted for three years, with more than 2000 hours of training by a group of distinguished national and international trainers.

The Kingdom's participation in the Balkan Junior Mathematics Olympiad began in 2013, when the Saudi team achieved 35 medals during its participation in the competition, including 4 gold, 11 silver, and 20 bronze medals.

In an unprecedented achievement, it was the first time the Kingdom had achieved two gold medals was in the 2019 competition. The Kingdom's achievement in the Balkan Junior Mathematics Olympiad is an extension of the series of global scientific achievements in international competitions in which the Kingdom is participating, represented by the Ministry of Education and Mawhiba; as it embodies the fruitful Cooperation between them and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) to train and qualify the Saudi team to win awards.

The Balkan Junior Mathematics Olympiad is held annually and is organized by one of the Balkan countries and Cyprus annually. Yugoslavia hosted the competition in its first version in 1997 AD, and each country participates with a team of no more than six male and female students whose age does not exceed 15.5 at the start of the competition, which takes place in one day.

This achievement raises the number of competitions won by the Kingdom's students from Mawhiba since the beginning of the Corona pandemic from 35 to 41 international wins in various competitions and fields. MAWHIBA 's balance of international achievements increases from 378 to 384 international wins over the last ten years.