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Date :2021-03-23

“Mawhiba” Foundation Qualifies the Saudi National Team to Participate in Global ISEF Competition with 75 Countries

Mawhiba held the first workshop to prepare the Saudi team and select the best 30 projects to participate

King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity "Mawhiba" completed the first training workshop to prepare the "Saudi team". Thirty students from the most gifted Saudi students will compete in the most important international and scientific student competition in scientific research with 1800+ students from 75 countries in Regeneron "ISEF 2021", which will be held in the United States next May.

The preparation workshop, which lasted for two days, targeted the 35 students who won the "Ibdaa 2021" Fair, and provided them with the necessary scientific tools and skills.

That workshop included focused training to review the elements of scientific project, and to train the students on the presentation skills. In addition to members of the scientific committee and arbitration committee interviewing each student they review their projects and provide them with scientific support. Moreover, they provide enriching lectures given by a group of Mawhiba Alumni students who have previously participated and represented the Kingdom in the "ISEF" Fair.

“Mawhiba” had assigned a number of PhD supervisors and experts from the different projects disciplines in the workshop. Each supervisor carefully discusses the project methodology, variables, data collection and analysis mechanisms, the statistical models used, and the results concluded by the student to ensure their comprehensiveness and understanding of all aspects of research experiments and data. This is to select the best among them and represent the Kingdom in the International Science and Engineering Fair "ISEF 2021". 

The supervisors and students agree on a plan to develop research papers through experiments or analysis of additional data during the coming period before submitting them finally to participate in ISEF.23mar21b.jpeg

During that workshop, students underwent a number of intensive courses in distinctive public speaking and presentation skills to prepare them for arbitration in the Fair. At the end of the workshop, students presented their projects before the arbitration committee so that the best 30 projects will be chosen for the international competition.

The participation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the ISEF  Fair is its fifteenth in a row since 2007. The total awards obtained by Saudi students in the Fair are 48 grand awards and 27 special awards, including 8 awards in 2020; 5 grand awards and 3 special awards. “Mawhiba” Foundation has also given annual international special awards in the competition. So far, 79 awards have been granted to 97 students from 20 countries. 
Regeneron “ISEF” is the largest competition fair for pre-university scientific research, and it attracts nearly 2,000 students from more than 75 countries around the world.​