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Date :2021-11-18

Mawhiba Links up with the Secure Government Network of Yesser Program

The King Abdulaziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity "Mawhiba" announced the completion and success of linking with the secure government network of the e-Government Program "Yesser" to make use of available and continuously updated government services and data automatically and quickly through secure channels of communication to transmit data efficiently and at high speeds.

The Directorate-General of Information Technology of Mawhiba Foundation, in coordination and liaison with the "Yesser" Program, has implemented and operated projects of linking with the government network, which include the secure activation and rapid communication between Mawhiba and the Program, and association with the State integration channel and the activation of automated data retrieval from its sources.

The Director General of Information Technology at "Mawhiba", Engineer Meshaal bin Saleem, said: “This link is one of the initiatives of the strategic plan for Information Technology, which is in line with the third Strategic Plan for Mawhiba; aiming to achieve digital transformation and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Foundation's services."

He added, “The importance of such link with the government integration channel stems from facilitating the electronic services provided to male and female gifted students and business sectors, helping to build integrated electronic services for beneficiaries, providing reliable and continuously updated data, as well as contributing to improving the experience of the beneficiaries and optimizing the performance of the electronic services of Mawhiba."

Linking with the Government's secure network allows Mawhiba to obtain students' data from its official and reliable sources in an automated and secure manner, so as to benefit therefrom in Mawhiba's various programs in a digital and accessible manner.

It is noteworthy that the government integration channel is one of the main pillars of the national infrastructure projects implemented and managed by the “Yesser Program", and aims to activate the exchange of joint government data between the authorized entities to use such data to provide their services electronically in an accurate, fast and secure manner.