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Date :2022-10-11

2539 male and female students pass the first stages of preparation to represent the KSA in the International Olympiad

2539 students out of 24 thousand

King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba" announced that 2539 students out of more than 24 thousand students passed the competition of Mawhoob 1 of 2023. They moved to the second stage of the competition of Mawhoob 2 in 4 disciplines, namely science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, in order to compete for the transition to participate in Mawhiba International Olympiad Program and to represent the KSA in international competitions. 

The passing students will undergo the tests of Mawhoob 1 for training on a discipline advanced training portfolio, in preparation for the test of Mawhoob 2 for all the competition's disciplines. It will be held on October 18. Its results will be announced at the competition's closing ceremony on the 31st of the same month. Its passing students will be nominated to join Mawhiba International Olympiad Program (Winter Camp). 

Mawhiba said that the number of students enrolled in the competition of Mawhoob of 2023 reached (24) thousand male and female students from the targeted classes of the five disciplines, from various education departments around the KSA, including 12115 female students and 11885 male students, most of whom registered in the discipline of mathematics with a number of 9933 male and female students, including 5637 in biology, 4550 in science, 2061 in physics and 1819 in chemistry. 

Mawhiba added that the number of tested students of the registered students totaled 22471 male and female students, including 11095 male students and 11376 female students. The number of candidates, including who passed the test of Mawhoob 1 was (2539) male and female, including 1459 male students and 1070 female student in the competition's various disciplines, as the number of candidates in chemistry reached 373 male and female students, 393 in physics, 453 in biology, 593 in science and 727 in mathematics of the public, private and international schools. 
The competition of Mawhoob represents one of the major channels of Mawhiba Foundation, through which gifted people are identified and discovered in order to sponsor and motivate them, in application of the initiative to build local content and to achieve the objectives of the KSA's Vision 2030.

“Mawhoob"is an annual scientific competition, organized by “Mawhiba" Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

The competition targets students of the sixth primary to the third intermediate grade. Signing up therein is available for students of the sixth primary and first intermediate grades in the science and mathematics competition, and for students of the second and third intermediate grades in the disciplines of chemistry, physics, and biology.

The competition of Mawhoob in science and mathematics aims to discover students distinguished in science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, to enroll them in specialized training programs and to qualify them to participate in international competitions and Olympiads.