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Bebras Mawhiba - FAQ



What should I do if I change the email registered with "Mawhiba"?
You can Recover of the account ( Modification and activation of the account) about road number of the identity across choice " the entering for arithmetician do not can/password forgot

How can I participate?
By registering in the competition via this link   

What are the target grades?
From 5th to 12th grade.




How do I prepare for the test?
You will find the questions' sample page of many interactive experimental questions that mimic the official contest format on the contest’s website   

Can a student make more than one attempt at the test? 
The contest system does not allow this

The test was delivered before completion (in case the student presses the delivery button)?
You cannot go back to the test after submission.

When will the results of the e-test appear? 
Immediately after the end of the test

When is the test held? 
You can see the schedule for the competition   

I couldn't complete the test (technical issues/browser suddenly closed/device restart/internet issues)?
Follow the steps mentioned in the attachment " bebras competition  - to complete the competition"    


I couldn't get to the test?
Contact Twitter's customer service @Mawhiba_care
and via the technical support mail for the competition (




What is the purpose of the competition?
  1. encourages problem-solving skills and informatics concepts that include the ability to turn difficult issues into easy elements, and to learn about the principles of algorithms, patterns and abstraction. 
  2. Thinking about how you can solve problems.
  3. Learn ways to solve the methodology indirectly.
  4. Solving the largest possible number of problems in the allotted time.


Is there training for students? 
There is no training. We recommend entering the question forms page at the contest site   

Is there any fee to participate? 
Yes, the competition fee is (40 Saudi Riyals)

Where is the contest held?
It will be held remotely.