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Competitions - N​​ational Olympiad "Ibdaa"


​The N​​ational Olympiad for Scientific Creativity “Ibdaa"

The National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity "Ibda'a" is  science & engineering competition organized by Mawhiba  in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The idea is based on a pre-college science competition targeted for the  age group: 7-12th grade students and  complies  with ISEF’s 22 scientific categories. It is considered as the Kingdom’s largest pre-college science & engineering competition that empowers the next generation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.​​​

​Olympiad Objectives:​

  • Develop  students’ ability in learning and in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
  • Develop students'  skills by encouraging learning and self-development through science fairs.​
  • Provide a competitive environment which challenges students' interests and abilities.
  • Promote innovation among students in scientific and technical fields.
  • Identify students' talent and scientific capabilities.​
  • ​Gain international recognition for Saudi academic achievements.


Target Group:

Male and female students in general education, intermediate, and secondary schools.

Age group: 12-20 years.


Registration Rules:

  • To be a Saudi intermediate or secondary school student at an age of 12 to 20 years.
  • Register for the Olympiad by filling in the on-line electronic form. Any unregistered participants will be rejected.
  • Participate in one project individually. Each student is only allowed to enter one project. Team projects will be rejected.
  • Each project should have a supervisor (adult sponsor).
  • Attending all qualification and training programs and the days of Ibda’a Final Fair.

Olympiad Stages:

Olympiad Categories: