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Scholarship Program - About

​​​​​​Mawhiba Scholarship Program

King Abdulaziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity provide the best opportunities for nurturing gifted students in all stages of public and higher education, this initiative is in partnership with the Ministry of Education to prepare and sponsor gifted and distinguished students to attend some of the best international universities.

This scholarship program seeks to advance society and the nation through providing an quality opportunities for distinguished students to join leading international universities. These students will be educated in the fields that are most needed in the Kingdom including rare scientific, medical and applied majors to meet the needs and to contribute to the development of the Kingdom in alignment with Vision 2030.

​Mawhiba offers preparatory programs for its gifted students from the intermediate school ​​and continues until the end of secondary school to help them achieve the required standards for admission to accredited universities.