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​S​tudent Selection - Projects


Ongoing Projects

The National Project for Gifted Identification

It identifies the approved tests and the distribution of the enrolled to the services available, including:

o Scholarships in partnership schools.

o Mawhiba's local enrichment programs.

o Nomination for the Ministry's enrichment programs.

o Nomination for STEM program.

Nomination for International Programs

Candidates are nominated for international programs through The National Project for Gifted Identification for those who have obtained the highest 3% in Mawhiba assessment test and passed the English proficiency test of the ninth grade students. The students are  electronically selected per available  program standards. Services are offered to enrolled students throughout the following two years per the availability and capacity of programs.

Applying to Prestigious American Universities «Tamayuz Excellence Program»:

It is a comprehensive training program for training and preparing the best students in the Kingdom who wish to apply to prestigious American universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, MIT and other top 50 universities in the world. The program is carried out in collaboration with a specialized consulting firm in America. The program begins in the second semester of eleventh grade, and continues until the student obtains admission to the university.

Guidance Portal

A website created to guide Mawhiba  intermediate-grade students regarding different disciplines and life skills. It aims to assist students and guide them in determining the course of the university It also provides the necessary services and support to students on university applications and tests, and how to prepare them to.


It includes the nomination of students who have already been selected for programs and scholarships according to specified criteria and conditions.

• Nominations for bachelor's degree scholarships in local and international universities

• Nominations for the SRSI programs and competitions in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. 

• Nominations to internal and external institutions

• Nominations to attend programs and workshops at local universities.

Mawhiba Scholarship Program

Mawhiba offers scholarship opportunities  to students who have been accepted to prestigious universities in the world and who meet program criteria and conditions. Mawhiba Scholarship Program is part of the  The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques' Overseas Scholarship Program which aims to invest in education to prepare qualified generations for the progress and development of the Nation.