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​S​tudent Selection - Gifted Identification and Guidance

​​​​​Gifted Identification and Guidance

Gifted Identification and Guidance is the starting point for gifted students and the main reference for those who care for the gifted.

It seeks to develop an advanced scientific methodology based on major scientific foundations and best educational practices to ensure the identification of promising students. It aims to establish a comprehensive electronic database of all gifted students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mawhiba’s strategy aims to transform the Kingdom into a knowledge society and to support a creative Saudi society by working as a link between promising students with talent and those interested in nurturing them.

1. Identifying gifted students.
2. Developing an integrated system, a comprehensive methodology, and selection policies available for all beneficiaries. 
3. Achieving fairness in selecting gifted students through objective criteria in the selection process.
4. Preparing scientific studies which aim to  periodically evaluate and develop the selection criteria.
5. Building a database for gifted students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
6. Raising awareness of the importance and the different applications for tools used to identify gifted students.
7. Contributing in the enrichment gifted  identification scientific research.
8. Documenting and recording students' data and following up their activities through a comprehensive online student file.
9. Pursuing a rigorous approach to direct students to the best local and international universities.