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Enrichment Programs - About

​​King Abdulaziz &His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba) presents enrichment programs for the gifted and talented students of both genders from different regions of the Kingdom. These programs furnish students with scientific knowledge and expertise that challenge their abilities and foster their skills. The programs aim to enhance students' knowledge, personal and social capabilities. Programs present knowledge on step-by-step basis to build up accumulated qualitative experience intensified year after year.

Mawhiba's local enrichment programs constitute the first station that allows students identify their skills and potentials and provide them with the appropriate support for fostering them. Thereby, students are prepared for effective participation in other events organized and sponsored by Mawhiba inside and outside the Kingdom like Mawhiba international enrichment programs. Such programs improve expertise and knowledge and develop ideas through cultural and intellectual interaction with an elite of distinguished students with assorted cultural backgrounds. Beside the program of enhancing personal skills which focuses on the development and promotion of personal and leading skills. Furthermore, the enrichment programs prepare students for qualification to the national and international Olympiads, in addition to increasing opportunities of obtaining scholarships as part of the Scholarships for the Gifted program offered by the Ministry of Education for gifted students in the most prestigious world universities as well as the scholarships offered by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and ARAMCO for which Mawhiba nominates its distinguished students.


  1.  Growing students' capabilities to the utmost and guiding them to what fits their preference and potentials.
  2. Strengthening communication between students and world universities and opening new horizons for them to continue their study and learning.
  3.  Demonstrating national potentials and preparing students to support the transformation of the Kingdom into a knowledge-community.


  1. Mawhiba local enrichment programs.
  2.  Mawhiba international enrichment programs.
  3.  Programs of developing personal skills.

Target Groups​:

Students from the third preliminary class to the second secondary class. ​