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Gifted Classes - Advanced Program for Science and Math

Mawhiba Advanced Program for Science and Math​​​​​​​​​

​It is known that there are many ways of nurturing the gifted. One of them is provided in class like full integration and cluster grouping, and what is provided at the school level like the flexible grouping and gifted classes, and that provided out of school or scheduled after schooling hours. The most outstanding of these programs are: the enrichment programs and the intensive learning programs which allow students to go deeply in certain subjects like mathematics and science to develop the high thinking skills and ability to solve problems.

Mawhiba advanced program of science and mathematics is a new initiative of Mawhiba in nurturing gifted students by providing this service to more gifted students to explore their potentials and guide them to other programs like scientific research and innovation program and the national and international contests.

Objectives of the Program
This program aims to expose the gifted students to advanced educational experiences wider and deeper than the experience they get at the ordinary schools, to inspire them to identify more concepts in mathematics and science and to release their potentials. This is provided outside normal working hours.

Program Justifications:18 weeks
The gifted are the students who learn school lessons faster than their peers, they are more competent in reasoning, inference and reaching generalizations, more rapid in attaining their goals, more able to deal with abstract ideas and capitalizing on their previous experience and linking it to their learning. In view of that, Mawhiba is keen to secure a supporting environment for this category of gifted students for the following reasons:

- This category of students shall live a happy and energetic life of fun, optimism and healthy cognitive and emotional growth in challenging learning environments.  

- Nurturing of gifted students in these centers increases opportunities of early identification of students with talent, so can be qualified earlier to join Olympic programs and contests which may, according to general opinion, have greater impact on local community. 

- Students of this category easily feel bored when taught normal subjects that were already perfected by the gifted. That will make them miss challenge and competitiveness.

- Education literature of talent indicates that the gifted, since early age, are extremely curious and have intense interest, and so, shall be nurtured from the beginning.

What the Program Presents
The program targets fourth preliminary and first intermediate years students who are nominated in the light of Mawhiba Multiple Cognitive Aptitude Test (MMCAT), part of the National Project for Gifted Identification. The project continues nurturing its students in the preliminary school in the fifth and sixth classes, and in the intermediate school second and third years. This ongoing nurturing is contingent  upon student test results.

The program will provide enrolled gifted students with opportunities of deep and enriched learning in support of their school curriculum in science and mathematics designed by cooperation of foreign and Arabian houses of expertise mostly based on the curricula of the Ministry of Education challenging the potentials of the gifted students. The curriculum is taught by specialized teachers able to meet the needs and interests of the gifted students. 

Mawhiba Advanced Enrichment Curriculum 
Mawhiba, in collaboration with foreign and Arabian houses of expertise, designed advanced enriching curriculum in science and mathematics challenging gifted students potentials, mostly based on the curricula of the Ministry of Education centered on three issues:​

-Values, orientation and advanced traits like inquiring, flexibility, creativity, self-learning, openness to different options and persistence.

-Advanced knowledge and understanding like clarity of mind, understanding of mathematical and scientific subjects and principles, perception of major thoughts, use of evidences and proofs, scientific exploration, understanding the foundations of mathematics and science.

-Advanced skills like critical thinking, reasoning, formation of abstract image, applying acquired skills to daily life and problems, fluency, precision, communication skills and tools, meta-cognition, generalization and modeling.

Addition activities​
The program provides other class and out-of-class activities. Specialists and experts in different fields of knowledge are invited to make scheduled presentations on interesting and exciting subjects for students. Arrangements will also be made for visiting industrial and service organizations to excite curious gifted students to build more skills to be gradually developed.

Nurturing days​

Saturday each week. Overall, 9 weeks each schooling term. 

Number of Weekly Nurturing Hours
​5 hours, 2 hours for mathematics, 2 hours for science and 1 hour for addition activity.