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Date :2019-02-13

Minister of Education Launches “Mawhiba Alumni for the Gifted and Creative” to be a Forum for the Nation’s Gifted

In a Ceremony in Mawiba’s HQ


His Excellency Minister of Education Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Ashaikh, in his visit to King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation, launches today “Mawhiba Alumni for the Gifted and Creative”. 

His Excellency expressed his joy over Mawhiba Alumni’s mission to offer a shared forum for the nation’s gifted. He commented how the nation is filled with many creative minds that need support and encouragement. 

He added that the improvement of education doesn’t stop and is in constant development, to build the future generations who are able to face the challenges ahead. 

His Excellency Secretary General of Mawhiba, Dr. Saud Al-Mathami stressed on the fact that gifted and creative students possess the knowledge to generate useful ideas, innovations, and inventions not only for the Saudi community but also for mankind as whole, the purpose why Mawhiba Alumni will be needed in achieving that goal.