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Sharpen Your Writing Skills


​Good writing doesn’t come easily. It takes time and a lot of practice to develop good writing skills. Your language must be clear, the point of view well-defined, and the ideas well-expressed. Here are a few tips on how to sharpen your writing skills:

1. Read: Writing experts believe that the best way to improve your writing is to read good writing. Reading expands your vocabulary and introduces you to the different ways words can be used.


2. Know the basics: Before you begin to write, make sure that you know the basics of grammar and spelling, or you can download a spell and grammar check app such as Grammarly to ensure that your writing is free from spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.


3. Write an outline: Writing an outline (in point form) of what you intend to write about simplifies the writing process.


4. Make it fun: Don’t make writing a chore! Choose something fun to write about so that the writing experience can be enjoyable.


5. Write letters: Writing letters to friends and family members can enhance your writing skills tremendously.


6. Journal: Keeping a journal and recording your daily thoughts and ideas is a great way to develop your writing skills.


7. Join a Workshop: Enrolling in a writing workshop is one of the best ways to improve your writing. Listening to someone else’s feedback allows you to perfect your writing over time.


8. Use technology: Blog in English, write newspaper articles, or write movie/book reviews. The more you write the better you will get. More importantly, never be afraid to write what you feel.


Remember that there are no shortcuts in life. Everything needs time, including writing. So, give it time and practice daily.

Skill Source : Dr. Afra S. AlShiban