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Mawhiba Research Enrichment Program - About

​Mawhiba Enrichment Research Program aims to familiarize students with the basics of scientific research and its ethics, and the resulting intellectual property in addition to the skills related to it such as the skills of using laboratories, the safety of laboratories and materials, conducting experiments related to research, analyzing data, extracting results, writing scientific reports, coming up with original research ideas and learning to write scientific research summaries in Technical and scientific fields by making contact with scientific specialists through actual practice in laboratories, in addition to developing personal and skillful skills.


Mawhiba Research Enrichment Program is implemented in partnership with leading bodies in scientific and technical specialties. It focuses on developing and growing scientific research skills of students through actual practice on the research of scientific, and real value within laboratories, in addition to developing personal and social skills. The program can be established either as a full-time or part-time program or remotely as well (in some appropriate fields) in several research centers in universities, hospitals, and institutes that are leading in scientific research. The program targets third intermediate students (subject to certain requirements) in addition to first and second secondary students from all cities of the Kingdom. The program usually takes place during the summer vacation for 3-4 weeks. Distinguished students with promising ideas may continue to be cared through Mawhiba Mentorship Program for up to six months, during which scientific support and supervision of their research and development are provided.