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Mawhiba International Olympiad Program - Student's Journey


  • The student’s journey in Mawhiba International Olympiad program begins with participation in Mawhiba competition, where the student must pass the first and second stages to be nominated to attend  Basic Courses through which they qualifies to attend  Forums .

  • The student progresses in Training levels from one forum to another, up to the last stage, after which the student becomes able to represent the team internationally. 

  • Participation in international scientific competitions starts from the second intermediate grade to the third high school, in case they pass the candidacy tests from one stage to another within the scientific teams (mathematics - physics - chemistry - biology - science - informatics).




​Student's Journey in Mawhiba International Olympiad Program Policy

  • ​The student must attend all the lectures and activities in the program, and they are prohibited from granting the certificate if  their attendance rate is less than (80%) of the hours of the program. 
  • Exceptionally, the certificate may be granted to the student if their attendance rate is less than (80%) of the hours of the program, if he presented with an acceptable excuse, provided that the attendance rate is not less than (70%). 
  • The student is excluded from participating in the program if they engage in behaviors that violate morals and public morals, such as bullying, assaulting others verbally or physically, or violating the directives of officials.
  • The student is banned from participating in Mawhiba programs if they repeatedly issue behaviors that violate morals and public morals. 



​Participation Conditions

  • The student must be a Saudi national.

  • The student is nominated through the qualifying competitions such as  Mawhoob Competition .


Passing The National Program for Gifted Students Identification​ is considered an essential source of participation.

 For students to continue training, they must pass the interim tests that qualify him for the advanced stages of training .




Student's​ Journey According to Specialization​

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inform2020nov1.png biology2020nov1.png Cam2020nov1.png