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Bebras Mawhiba - About

​​​​​​Bebars Mawhiba is an international e-competition in informational thought, logic, and computational thinking among school students, involving more than 2 million students from more than 40 countries. The contest is considered as one of the doorways for the national teams that participate in the International Informatics Olympiads. Bebars challenge is carried out using computers or mobile devices.



1. Encouraging problem-solving skills and informatics concepts that include the ability to turn difficult issues into accessible elements and learn about the principles of algorithms, patterns, and abstraction.

2. Challenging student’s abilities in problem-solving.

3. Learning applied ways of solving.

4. Solving the largest possible number of problems in the allotted time.


Nature of Contest Questions

It is a set of short online problems, called the Bebras Challenge. The tasks are fun, engaging, and interactive. They can also be solved without prior knowledge, but they require logical thinking.



Arabic - English