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Mawhiba Mentorship - About


It is one of the global practices in the field of gifted sponsorship. The program is based on direct communication between a skilled mentor and a distinguished mentee, to develop their capabilities and interests, and provide them with specific experiences and skills in a specialized field.



  • Provide follow-up, specialized and close care for gifted mentee's through the supervision of distinguished mentors in scientific fields.
  • Determine the fields of science that are most appropriate to the mentee's abilities, and interests.
  • Develop scientific research skills, self-learning, and enhancing personal capabilities.
  • Grow mental skills and use of scientific thinking strategies to creatively solve problems.
  • Develop and acquire positive trends towards scientific research in the fields of science; where in related to the mentee's interests and abilities.
  • Provide mentee's with the opportunity to compete and exchange experiences with other mentee's of similar interests and abilities in national and international exhibitions and competitions.


Target group

Mawhiba Mentorship Program targets 9th to 12th-grade students, where they are recognized and nominated according to the following:

  • 1st Group: This group consists of students participating in Mawhiba Research Enrichment Programs. The best-distinguished students are selected or nominated in each program based on their performance in the program and their motivation towards learning.
  • 2nd Group: This group consists of those with creative and distinguished performance record, or those who have demonstrated remarkable excellence in one of the specific research ​fields and have obtained scientific awards in a competition. They are nominated by program management.



From three months to six months maximum.