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The National Program for Gifted Identification - About


​​​​​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long supported the field of giftedness to aid the transformation of the Kingdom into a ​society where sustainable development is achieved.

And in an effort to identify gifted innovators an idea was born to form a national joint project implemented by expert national authorities with qualified personnel in this field. 


The beginning of which was in a strategic partnership was in 2011 with “Mawhiba”, “the Ministry of Education” and “the National Center for Measurement” to establish and implement a “The National Program for Gifted Identification” through standardized tools and standards. 


A model was developed to identify the gifted with an advanced scientific methodology based on the most important scientific foundations and educational best practices to ensure the adequate selection of promising students.

Through this model a large database of gifted public education students in the Kingdom was created, and continues to grow. 



  • Identifying gifted students in the Kingdom in the fields of science and technology.
  • Developing an integrated system and comprehensive methodology to identify gifted students.
  • Equity in selecting gifted students and directing them to the suitable care program.
  • Building a comprehensive and detailed database for gifted students in the Kingdom.
  • Contributing to inform the community with the characteristics of the gifted and the importance of their identification.
  • Contributing to the enrichment of scientific research and the Arabic library in the area of the gifted identification.