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The National Program for Gifted Identification - MMCAT

​​Mawhiba Multiple Cognitive Aptitude TestExams012.jpg

This test aims to detect students' potential academic abilities and skills in the fields of language, mathematics, science and some aspects of creativity through a number of dimensions, sections, patterns and images.It is the key test for evaluating students' abilities and for admitting them in all programs and activities related to the National Project for Gifted Identification since 2011.

The test was prepared by a scientific committee under the supervision of Mawhiba with the implementation of the National Center for Assessment with the participation of many local and international experts.

The test can be taken in Arabic or English. 


Test Sections

  • Creativity (mental flexibility): the ability to produce a variety of ideas, to look at the areas of use and connect them, and to change and diversify the ways of dealing with objects and situations accordingly by analyzing their difficulties to factors that can be used in finding solutions.​
  • Linguistic reasoning and reading comprehension: the ability to utilize language in processing the available information as well as the ability to apply language rules and apply them in dealing with the readable content to derive meanings and extract, reorganize and benefit from it.​

  • Mathematical and spatial reasoning: the ability to use mathematical skills and logical thinking to reach solutions or results through specific strategies, as well as the ability to locate a logical relationship, similarity, match or difference.

  • Scientific and mechanical reasoning: the ability to use the available data through intellect, experience and logic to obtain further information that has not been previously experiences, and to draw a perception of the past and future, as well as evidence-based conclusion .