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Mawhiba Alumni - About

​​​​King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity "Mawhiba" vision focuses on ‘empowering the gifted and the creative students.’ Being the main aspect for human prosperity.”  It seeks to support the long-term vision to nurture talent and creativity, in line with the aspirations and ambition of the goals of Vision 2030 in developing and refining gifted human capabilities. Accordingly, Mawhiba believes that investing in the education of the gifted is not considered luxury, but rather a necessity to raise high-quality standards in enhancing their capabilities. Therefore, they contribute to building their community to become future leaders.


 From this standpoint, Mawhiba Alumni was established to the culmination of the foundation’s efforts in supporting its students. Where Mawhiba Alumni will contribute to enhancing communication between gifted people to exchange scientific and practical experiences with each other; and provide modern means of communication to build a network of exchanging experiences and providing consultations.


 As well as creating cooperative and volunteer opportunities for a noble purpose, enhancing the role of youth in serving their societies, and making leaders with exceptional capabilities and high competencies who contribute to economic and social development.