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Mawhiba Advanced Program for Science and Math - About Program
​​Program objective
This program aims to expose gifted students to advanced learning experiences that are more extensive and deeper than those offered in their regular schools to motivate them to discover more concepts of Science and Math, and to unleash their potential, this program held during after school timing. ​​(unleash is closer to the intended meaning here)
Note: Registration in the National Program for Gifted Identification is a requirement for nomination in this program.


The rationale for the Program

This program will provide gifted students with in-depth learning opportunities that will enrich their schools’ programs and challenge their abilities, by teaching them Mawhiba Advanced Supplementary Curriculum for Science and Math, which was designed in collaboration with foreign and Arab expertise. Moreover, this advanced curriculum is taught by specialized teachers who can meet the needs and interests of gifted students, and it is compatible and aligned with the Ministry of Education curriculum


Mawhiba Advanced Curricula

Mawhiba Advanced Supplementary Curriculum (ASC) focuses on three areas:
  • Advanced values, attitudes, and attributes such as inquiry, flexibility, creativity, and autonomy in study, openness to alternatives, and perseverance.
  • Advanced knowledge and understanding, such as conceptual clarity, the insight into underlying structure and big ideas within the mathematical and scientific topic, use of proofs, scientific inquiry, and understanding the fundamental structure of math and science.
  • Advanced skills, such as logical thinking and reasoning, visualization, relating skills already developed to real-life contexts and problems, fluency, accuracy, communication skills, meta-cognition, generalization, and modeling.



Supplementary Activities 

The program offers additional classroom and non-classroom activities, that include some workshops and lectures that are presented by specialists and experts in scientific and humanitarian fields. Furthermore, the program offers fieldtrips to distinctive facilities such as educational institutions, health centers, and industrial facilities that will stimulate students' curiosity and expose them to new intellectual horizons. 


Program implementation process

The program is implemented in two ways; through normal learning centers distributed in some cities, and through online learning centers that serve gifted students in all regions of the Kingdom.



Program scheduling ​

  • In normal learning centers: On Saturday every week, nine weeks out of every semester.
  • ​In online learning centers: Three days a week, one and a half hours a day, and for nine weeks each semester.




  • In normal learning centers: Five hours a week.
  • In online learning centers: Four and a half hours a week.


Available classes for this year


From the fourth elementary grade to the third intermediate grade.