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​Mawhiba Universal Enrichment Program - About
Mawhiba Universal Enrichment Program is an engaging, interactive, and highly stimulating educational program delivered by academics from a variety of the world’s leading universities. Bespoke STEM courses, especially designed to make remote learning maximally interactive, ensure that the benefits of the traditional classroom are bought to your own home. 

This is not your usual online program, where you watch videos and do homework by yourself. This is an intensely engaging experience built around interaction. You will benefit from an individual attention of your tutor, a leading expert in the subject of the course, and you will benefit from virtual collaboration with your peers.


Program’s Goals and Benefits: 
  • Enriching students’ scientific and linguistic knowledge.
  • Hands-on experience inside a national university.
  • Learning how to develop and deliver your own research poster presentations (which will be marked by research professionals)

*Given the current circumstances of the COVID19 pandemic, participation in the program will be remote (online).