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Mawhiba International Olympiad Program - About

​Worldwide annual international high-quality competitions, held for more than 50 years.  Aimed at high school students  and hosted by one of the 100 participating countries. Most prestigious universities around the globe look forward to enroll students who participate in this competition which is considered an arena for identifying future scientists Subjects include Math, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Informatics.

Since 2010, KSA has awarded the following international Olympiad medals:
​• 204 International Medals
• 44 Appreciation Certificates
Goals of​ the International Olympiads
• Promoting the rank of the Kingdom in international competitions.
• Increasing confidence of students in the nation to compete in international competitions in the fields of science and mathematics.
• Raising community awareness of the role of science and mathematics.
• Developing the spirit of scientific competition between those engaged in the educational process.
• Contribution to the building of a creative generation able to participate and excel in a scientific language.  
Target Group​
Targeting students in in grades 5-9 equivalent. The student may continue to the third secondary school year if he/she passes the nomination tests from one level to the other within the scientific categories (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and science).​ 
Participation Conditions ​
  • Student shall be of Saudi nationality or a citizen of a Saudi mother. 
  • Student is nominated through the qualifying tournaments like Mawhoob Competition of mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology as per the fol​lowing schedule:
​5th and 6th grade students are allowed to participate - satisfying competition rules ​​​Mawhoob Math Contest
​Mawhoob Science Contest
​7th and 8th grade students are allowed to participate - satisfying competition rules​ ​Mawhoob Physics Contest
​Mawhoob Chemistry Contest
​ 7th , 8th and 9th graders are allowed to participate - satisfying competition rules​Mawhoob Biology Contest
- The National Project for Gifted Identification constitutes the basis of participation. 
- To continue training requires student to pass the tests that qualify him/her to the higher level of training.
​International Olympiads ​
The Kingdom participates annually in the following Olympiads:
Major Partners