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Date :2017-01-26

More than 53,000 nominees in the National Project to Identify Gifted Students


The National Project to Identify Gifted Students closed the receiving of nominations where 53,349 male and female students nominated by different educational districts are registered (45 educational districts for boys and 45 educational districts for girls).

Nominated students  are getting ready for the tests (Mawhiba aptitude test) to be held in all regions of the Kingdom during the period 20-21 Jumada Awal 1438H corresponding to 17-18 Feb. 2017G where project organizers insisted that each nominee shall print out his own notification, affix his/her photo on it and stamp it from his/her school to apply the parameters in the next stage for the registered nominees in preparation for distributing the enrolled students between the available services as per qualification standards and conditions of each program.

The National Project to Identify Gifted Students has received nominations of gifted students for the 7th consecutive year. The program is registering more and more students each year with increasing interest of students, their families and teachers who are keen to identify gifted students in their schools.

The project aims to develop the system of identifying the gifted and using advanced scientific approach underlying key scientific foundations and the best educational practices of identifying gifted students in scientific, technological and innovation fields and contribution to community awareness of gifted traits and the importance of identifying and directing them to the appropriate nurturing programs.

The National Project to Identify Gifted Students is a joint educational project of Ministry of Education, King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation For Giftedness & Creativity “Mawhiba”, and the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education “Qiyas”.