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Date :2018-03-29

Mawhiba Opens Registration for “Mawhoob” Contest for Science and Math


King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity “Mawhiba”  announced the opening of registration for “Mawhoob” contest day (from 3th Rajab 1439H, 20th March 2017G to 24 Shaban 1439H, 10th May 1018) in the majors of: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math and Science.

The contest of “Mawhoob” aims to identify the distinguished students and give them the opportunity to get into the basic stages of Olympic training and push the educational field to dedicate more efforts to develop teaching of math and science.

King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity “Mawhoob” is considered an annual contest organized by Mawhiba in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, so that the distinguished students’ skills could be identified in Math and Science and they are enrolled to the training programs that are organized by Mawhiba which qualify them to the Olympiads and international competitions.

Secretary-General of Mawhiba  Dr. Saud Bin Saeed Al-Mathami has urged parents and students to participate in this competition being one of the channels to identify the talents with a view to stimulate and nurture these talents in execution of the initiative of Local Content Building in order to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030. 

Registration will however be available in Mawhoob Contest for Saudi students and non-Saudis as well that were born from a Saudi mother, and the first test would be done electronically through Mawhiba Electronic Education Portal. Registration would also be available for the school grades and following majors: 5th grade and 6th grade (Math and Science), 7th grade and 8th grade (Chemistry and Physics), 7th, 8th and 9th grade students (Biology).
The first phase (The Electronic Test Phase) is scheduled to begin on 5th Ramadan 1439H, 20th May 2017) and it lasts for 4 days until (8th Ramadan, 23th May 2017).