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Math Competition 2020 FAQs

1.     Due to the COVID-19, how will the competition be conducted this year?

It will be conducted remotely through an online platform.


2.     When will the competition take place?

Please refer to the competition timeline on the lin​k below


3.     What should I do to join the competition?

  • First, make sure to update your email on Mawhiba website.
  • You will receive your username and password on your updated email before the competition day.
  • On the competition day based on your grade, you can join the competition through the link that you will have received on your email

4.     How can I update my profile on Mawhiba's website?

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to your account page​ 
  • Check your email, and make sure that it is correct and valid.
  • If you need to edit your data, click (Edit my personal data)
  • Click Save, to save the changes you made.

5.     Will I receive a reminder message on the competition day?

All students must review the timeline and save the date and time to join the competition on the competition day on exact time.



 6.     I have registered all my kids using one phone number, do I have to have a different phone number for each one?

This is fine, you will receive a message for each of the kids on your phone number.


 7.     How do I know my score?

Your score will be shown on the screen when you finish your competition.


 8.     I study in an International school; will the questions be in English?

All questions will be provided in both Arabic and English.


 9.     Can I join the competition using my phone?

You can use the browser on your phone or your computer.


 10.  How long does the competition take?

Each competition is set for 90 minutes.


 11.  Could anyone help me when answering the competition?

No, each student should complete the competition individually without any help from others.


 12.  What should I do if I don't understand the question?

All questions are self-explanatory. If you don't understand a question, read it again.


 13.  What should I do if I lose the internet connection?

The system will save your answers, so refresh the page and complete your competition.


 14.  When should I submit my competition?

You should submit your competition after answering all the questions.


 15.  Can I edit my answers?

You can edit your answers before submitting your competition. You can also mark any question to answer it later.



16.  If I join the competition late, how would the time be calculated?

The time of the competition will be calculated once you start, although if the submission deadline is passed, you wouldn't be able to enter the competition.


 17.   How can I receive my certificate?

Your certificate will be issued after completion of the competition.


 18.  How can I know if I won a medal?

Medals range and results will be announced two weeks after the competition.


 19.  How can I get my medal?

All medals will be available in the school that you chose as a competition location. This will be managed in coordination with the Ministry of Education (MoE) by the next academic year.



20.  How can I get a copy of the questions?

By the beginning of the next academic year, in coordination with MoE, you will receive a booklet of questions and souvenirs of the Math Kangaroo Competition 2020. In addition, questions and answer keys will be available on the website.