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Enrichment Programs - International Programs

​​​International Summer Programs

Mawhiba's international summer programs involve the nomination of distinguished high school students (males and females) to participate in summer programs held in the most prestigious international universities in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.


Programs are Hosted in Top Universities


International Enrichment Programs in Saudi Arabia




Mawhiba holds International Enrichment program in Saudi Arabia every year in a joint effort with one of the leading international educational institutes. The program is residential and is held for 3 weeks. It offers variety of STEM courses and includes activities that promotes the students’ academic knowledge and personal skills.

Residential International Programs Outside the Kingdom

King Abdulaziz &, His Companions Foundation for Giftedness &, Creativity (Mahwiba) offers several international programs in collaboration with the most prestigious world universities. The Foundation supports students materially and morally at all levels of the program from registration to completion. Students are also prepared to participate in the organization of training workshops enough time before the starting of the program. These programs are conducted in many countries like USA, Britain, Ireland and Canada, providing students with accommodation in campus of the best universities. Program provides, beside scientific know-how, educational group tours and an assortment of recreational activities intended to foster the skills of talented individuals at all levels. The program is organized in summer holiday lasting for three to twelve weeks according to the type of the program. The programs are selected according to criteria including the nature of the program and scientific materials, venue, program timetable and experience in the field in gifted education.​​

Residential International Programs Inside the Kingdom​

Mawhiba enrichment programs management depends on attracting the best international programs concerned with the education and nurturing of the gifted. The programs are organized at different local venues on residential basis. Mawhiba supports students materially and morally at all phases of the program from registration to completion. Program duration is 3 weeks during summer. In these programs students are taught extensive enrichment scientific subjects in research, scientific and technological fields of vital importance instructed by international experts in the education of the gifted. Beside academic knowledge students acquire a variety of scientific skills and personal traits through participation in different activities and group tours.