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The National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity (Ibdaa) - Registration

​​​Registry Permissions

  1. The participant must be a Saudi national and one of the intermediate or secondary school students in the age group (12-20 years).
  2. Must be registered in "Ibdaa" via the electronic form to request participation. Any project that is not registered will not be accepted.
  3. The participant must be from schools affiliated with the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom, and the Executive Committee has the right to exclude any participant if it is proven that there is incorrect information in the basic data. 
  4. Choosing a project supervisor must be done according to the specified controls, and in the event of violating any of the aforementioned controls, the supervisor will not be approved. Note that the supervision of the project will not entail any rights if the project won at any stage of the Ibdaa links to a project supervisor.
  5. The necessity of the participant's attendance for all days of the qualifying and training programs, the days of the central exhibitions, and Ibdaa exhibition for science and engineering.
  6. The participant is obligated to review the guidelines, rules, and regulations for Ibdaa through the Mawhiba website.


Conditions for participation in the project

  1. The student is entitled to participate in only one project, provided that the project is individual, meaning that only one student participates in the project. Registration on the site with a group project will not be accepted.
  2. It is forbidden to participate in the same project idea for more than one male or female student, and if this occurs, the participation of both students will be canceled.
  3. Completing the registration stages, which includes recording personal information, then project information in the second stage, then bank data, then printing an Ibdaa card to attend central exhibitions and Ibdaa exhibition for science and engineering upon project qualification.
  4. When filling out the project information, the participant must write the project summary comprehensively with all the abstract elements as the electronic arbitration depends on the summary and plan of the project registered on the Mawhiba website.
  5. The projects that did not fully record project information in the specified time are excluded.
  6. The Executive Committee has the right to exclude projects in which the project title and the project summary do not match.
  7. The Executive Committee has the right to exclude projects that do not have basic scientific information in the project summary.
  8. The Executive Committee has the right to exclude the participant who has other competitions/events that coincide with any stage of Ibdaa, and affect his participation in accordance with the rules, regulations and obligations contained in the framework.
  9. That the participation is within the allowable fields of Ibdaa, where the project will be judged according to the participant's choice of the field. The participant is not allowed to change the field after the project is judged.
  10. That the participation is an original and unprecedented work and allowed if it is a further development of previous work. It must be a personal effort of the participant, bearing in mind that any participation in the electronic arbitration stage or any stage of Ibdaa will be excluded if it is discovered that the work is reproduced or incomplete.
  11.  It is not possible to change the project supervisor after registering his name on the “Mawhiba" website, and any supervisor who meets the criteria has the right to supervise more than two projects as a maximum. “Supervisor Selection Controls"
  12.  Commitment to scientific ethics controls in conducting experiments and implementing the project, and adherence to safety and security controls and instructions for the presentation of the project.  “Scientific Ethics" 
  13. Fill out the forms required for the project according to the field of the project, noting that there are mandatory forms for all projects, and no participation will be accepted without filling out the forms
  14. If there is an engineering model, the specified measurements must be adhered to: (The maximum length is 50 cm, the width is 40 cm, the height is 20 cm). A width greater than these measurements will not be allowed, and a video clip and photographs of the engineering product can be displayed. 
  15. Preparing the project display board as shown on the Mawhiba website, as well as preparing the project code when starting the project and writing the project plan and summary, as shown on the Mawhiba site. 
  16. If the project is a continuation of the past year, the following must be adhered to:
    • Clarification to the arbitrator in the central exhibitions and Ibdaa exhibition for science and engineering during the arbitration interview that the project is a continuation of the past year.
    •  Form No. (7) available on the Mawhiba website for completing the project and displaying it on the display board for this year's project.
    • ​To be satisfied with writing the (new) developed part of the project only in the presentation board and the project summary without writing the procedures of the previous year.


Important Instructions to Participants

  1. The necessity of reading and understanding controls of scientific ethics for the participant and the project supervisor. 

  2. Fill out the required forms for each field, taking into account the accuracy in writing the date in the Gregorian calendar and inserting the signature, taking into account the following:

A. When dealing with animals, the experiments must be in an appropriate environment and limited to observation and observation only of          the animal's behavior without affecting the animal directly or causing harm or danger to themselves, while preserving the animal's life.

B. When dealing with dangerous or internationally banned materials, the participant's role is limited to observation and control, with the               need to adhere to international safety and security laws and to work under the supervision of a supervisor

C. Scientific academic specializing in the field is required 

D. When dealing with human items such as: (Distributing questionnaires to several people):

General questionnaires: which measure the efficiency of the innovator's work without the need for personal data or opinions and does not require writing the person's name or written consent.

Special questionnaires: with a specific category such as: (Age, gender, position, etc. ...) it requires obtaining written consent in addition to filling out Form No. 4 with a consent form for each person and persons under the age of 18 years, the guardian's approval is required.

3. The participant gets the feedback about his project directly from the arbitrator in the central exhibitions and Ibdaa exhibition for science and engineering through questions and discussions during the interview on the day of the arbitration only, knowing that this feedback is not available to both the Ministry or Mawhiba.

4. The results of the arbitration are final and not subject to discussion or objection.

5. For comments or inquiries regarding arbitration, contact is made via e-mail​   

6.  For scientific inquiries (scientific ethics controls, project presentation, direction, and guidance), contact via e-mail

7.  If there are technical problems in all stages of registration or stages of Ibdaa, please contact  Customer Service​.